Saturday, November 9, 2013

Return to the Red Cliff Motel : Musa Publishing

Return to the Red Cliff Motel : Musa Publishing

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Back to My Roots of Writing - "Return to the Red Cliff Motel" will be Released by Musa in November

After a long absence of writing what I know...I have returned to psychological thrillers. I am thrilled to announce that my latest novella - "Return to the Red Cliff Motel" is being published by Musa. It will be available in November. Small thrills come in mysteriously small packages. While this novella is basically a long-short story; it is action packed and will have the reader on the edge of their seat. Or so I hope. After taking a walk on the commercial side, I found that romances were not my favorite genre. Especially writing something I was uncomfortable with. Going back to psychological thrillers was like coming home. Home to insanity, madness, nightmares, secret pasts, religious icons, hidden clues - now that is home.

Friday, October 7, 2011

I want to write! I don't want to Post Insurance Claims! How do you a survive emotional/writing crisis?

How much time do you carve out for writing? How much time writing is spent on money making ventures?
I am at my cubical, 6 am…two hours have passed as I have processed insurance claims. While doing such mindless work, my mind soars and sours. As the seconds tick to the sound of my ten-key; I wish, desperately, that I were working on my latest book or writing an article.
Sneaking, I write a piece for my blog. I don’t know if anyone is reading, I hope so. I pray that someone is connecting with my words, and thoughts.
Does anyone out there in Blogsphere feel the pain of pent up labor chains? Do you want to escape at any cost? What, besides the obvious need for money, keeps you in your job?
Write back and engage…I know I’m not alone. I yearn to write more than emails.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Let's See Who is Reading....

Send an email to with the word CONTEST in the subject line. On November 1st, I will randomly select a winner of my first novel, "Slivers of Reality." The winner will be notified on November 2nd. No need to write anything in the content of the email. Mailing address for the winner will be acquired on November 2nd. Good luck!

Friday, A Long Week and Nothing to Show for it

Working in the real world can take more energy and zap all creativity. I am emotionally and physically an empty vessel with no way to express myself. Even as I blog, I search for meaningful phrases or temptors thought to progress my writing...Nothing!
I have submitted two hubs, have started a short story, and written two articles. I have made a triumphant return to this week. After an absense of two months, I felt the need to make a bit of green for my work.
Any suggestions or comments on other so-called writing sites would be appreciated from my blogging audience.
I would love to post the adventures of writing by those that throw themselves out there everyday.
As for is 5:15 am on Friday...I have been at work since 3:30 am - going to bed at midnight. I will sit in my cubical and post insurance until my writing takes off.
Tell me about you.
What do you do in order to write?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Massachusetts to Pass Alimony Bill

My opinion may surprise you!